The Learn Buddhism Podcast


Alan Peto hosts an informative and helpful podcast for anyone who is interested in learning Buddhism and beginning a Buddhist practice from the Buddhist layperson perspective.

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What people are saying:

Great podcast for new Buddhists
this podcast helps give meaning to the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is very easy to understand!! very grateful for podcast 🙂

Excellent as always, thank you Alan. You present perspectives that open up one’s thinking that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Excellent ! 5 Stars.  Every episode is clear and concise with an easy to under stand voice. Great for anyone who is starting to learn Buddhism. Examples are given that relates Western culture to Buddhist teachings which makes it easier to grasp the concepts.

Simply wonderful.  Clear, concise and full of info. I’ve found this podcast to be very helpful with my Buddhist journey.

I’m so happy you created this podcast and interviewed the guy in episode 9. You answered questions I feel I couldn’t find anywhere, and what I mean is that, i couldn’t think of the right questions to ask and you asked them on that episode. Thank you so much.

I have followed Alan Peto for a few years on social media and he creates great content on Buddhist ideas which are easy for beginners to understand. With this podcast he teams up with Venerable Sanathavihari who I didn’t know but has an excellent, clear voice and manner for explaining these ideas on a podcast like this. Each episode gives a short piece of scripture with explanation of a key Buddhist theme and short mindfulness practice – the perfect mixture in my opinion. I hope this podcast goes on beyond the 14 day programme as I am keen to be a regular listener! 🙏🏼 🧘🏼‍♀️