In my articles you will find a variety of graphics to help explain Buddhism.  This page consolidates most of those graphics so you can find them easily along with a related article for more information!  More graphics are coming as soon as I can make them, and write articles.

Please note:  These graphics are copyright by Alan Peto.  You may use for your own personal private usage, and to share on your personal social media account.  However, they are not to be re-posted on your blog/website, publications, groups, image uploading websites, etc., unless permission was granted (please contact me )

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Buddhism Cheat Sheet

Buddhism Quick Reference

Eightfold Path Folding Quick Reference

Buddhism Secrets of Cats

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Buddhism a Quick Intro

Buddhist Thanksgiving Prayer

Bodhisattva Quick Reference

Buddhist Canons

Chinese Buddhist Canon

Pali Buddhist Canon

Buddhist Meditation Quick Reference

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Buddhist Five Remembrances / Reflections

Buddhist Daily Practice Poster

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Buddha’s Rules of Leadership

Buddhist Calendar