“Basics in Buddhism” Introductory Series of Articles


This collection features my articles on the fundamentals and basics of Buddhism.  These are perfect for those new to Buddhism, wanting a new way to understand the teachings, or need a bit more information!

When I was first learning about Buddhism a long time ago, it was particularly challenging to learn about the religion in a way that made sense to me living in a western country.

My articles, videos, and graphics are my way to help others with learning and practicing Buddhism!

I have many more resources on Buddhism than you will see in this list!  View more articles, watch my videos, view my graphics, and follow me on social media.  You can also learn about me by clicking here.

Start Here

These articles will provide you with a great start to understanding Buddhism and provide resources to help you.

  1. Introduction to Buddhism
  2. How to Become a Buddhist
  3. Best Books for Beginners
  4. Starting a Daily Buddhist Practice
  5. Understanding the Buddhist Scriptures
  6. Understanding the Buddhist Schools/Traditions (Mahayana & Theravada)
  7. Is Buddhism a Religion or Philosophy?
  8. Common Misconceptions About Buddhism

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Buddhist Concepts

There are a lot of concepts and teachings in Buddhism that can be confusing to understand.  You can learn more about them here!

  1. Four Noble Truths
  2. Noble Eightfold Path
  3. Karma
  4. Enlightenment
  5. Nirvana
  6. Rebirth / Reincarnation / Samsara
  7. Impermanence
  8. Nonself / No Self
  9. The Five Aggregates (Skandhas)
  10. Attachment / Three Poisons (Three Fires)
  11. Bodhisattva Path
  12. Three Dharma Seals
  13. The Triple Gem Ceremony (Becoming a Buddhist)
  14. Buddhism Numbers/Lists


The following articles are resources in this collection you may find useful:

  1. Glossary of Buddhist Terms, Words, and Ideas
  2. Videos:  Top 5 Videos for Buddhist Newbies
  3. Websites:  Top 5 Websites for Buddhist Newbies
  4. Meditation:  5 Ways to Learn Meditation Without Leaving Home
  5. Teachers:  Do You Need a Buddhism Teacher?