Returning Home – Buddhist Teachings for Returning to a Changed World After the COVID-19 Pandemic

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This book is a follow-up and companion to our original book, The 14-Day Buddhist Daily Planner for the COVID-19 Pandemic (you can also download that eBook for free, click here), which helped Buddhists from around the world practice during that period.  This book is designed to help with returning to places, people, and experiences that may be different than we left them aligned with the Buddhist teachings.

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes, lockdowns, and other restrictions ending, how does a Buddhist reintegrate back into a changing world?  A world that has changed due to the causes and conditions of the pandemic is different from the one we left.  Just like a Buddhist monk returning to a village after meditating in the forest for a long time, we must also be mindful of the changes that occurred to society – and us.

Sanathavihari Bhikkhu and Alan Peto provide a supportive and guided practice for new or experienced Buddhists that is designed for both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhists.

While this book was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can also be used for anyone “returning home” after being away, such as those on a long military deployment, in the hospital, moved away for work, etc.

Some of the content of the planner include:

  • Two introductory essays:  “The Buddha’s Return Home” and “Returning to a Changed World”
  • Two scriptures: The Sigalaka Sutta and The Sutra on the Eight Realizations of Great Beings
  • 7-Day Daily Practice for Reintegration.  Topics include Impermanence, Interdependence, Greed, Anger, Loving Kindness (Metta), Compassion & Generosity, and Helping Others.
  • Recommendations for online practices, e-Books, articles, and more.
  • Instructions on how to meditate
  • Overview of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path as it relates to COVID-19 and reintegration.

What You Get:

You get the guide in high-quality Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format so you can view on any device or print it out. Whenever there are updates to the guide, you can get it right from the downloads page at any time! You will also get a “Reintegration” poster (.PDF) file featuring a beautiful image that includes a statue of the Buddha and a supportive quote from the Dhammapada.  View the poster in the banner image on this page (click the next ‘arrow’ on the right to see i

Book Details:

  • Released:  August 2021
  • Genre:  Nonfiction / Reference / Buddhism / Buddhist Practice
  • Format:  PDF
  • ISBN:  N/A

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