About Alan Peto


Welcome!  I’m Alan Peto, and I am passionate about helping you learn Buddhism through my articles, books, videos, graphics, and public speaking events.

  • New to Buddhism?  I recommend you read my Introduction to Buddhism and Best Books for Beginners articles, and explore my “Basics in Buddhism” series.
  • Social Media:  You can find me on  YouTube, Facebook profile (and page), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, and my Bing Page.  Please consider following me on the service of your choice so you can learn more about Buddhism!
  • My Background:  I am a trained journalist, graphic designer, researcher, technical writer, and a trainer who has taught tens of thousands of people over that past 30 years.  I hope to use that experience with helping others!
  • “Are You Really a Buddhist?”  Yes, I have been a Buddhist for over 20 years, and officially a card carrying Buddhist 😉  I am a Buddhist layperson, not a monastic or theologian.  These are my personal experiences, opinions, research, thoughts, and insight, which I enjoying sharing with with others.  If you have a question or need to contact me, send me a message here.
  • “Buddhism is Confusing, Can You Really Help Me Understand It?”  While everyone has a different way they learn, I have helped many people over the years who have enjoyed my writings, videos, and graphics!  I hope you find them helpful as well 🙏